Come Volunteer

Volunteers can help in a variety of ways. The main times volunteers are needed to work are as follows:

  • Encampment Meal Prep – Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 12:00PM
  • Programs (Snack, Showers, Clothing Program) – Daily 1:00PM – 4:00PM
  • Programs (Evening Meals) – Daily 4:30 PM- 7:00PM

Please note that for most evenings, teams of people come from churches, etc. and that the calendar for such teams is filled months in advance. There are many other things to do at the Ark and we’re always looking to add more services based on the talents and skills of our volunteers.

Please note that the Ark is a Christian mission which serves all those who seek its services. Volunteers come from a variety of faith commitments, or none at all, but we ask that volunteers accept our purpose. The volunteer application form includes a Statement of Faith elaborating the Ark’s Christian position. Volunteers may acknowledge this Statement in two ways: by signing that they accept these tenants or by signing that they understand and accept that these are the Ark’s formative beliefs.

Prospective volunteers are welcome to discuss this with staff.

To Volunteer As An Individual

Please fill out of Volunteer Application Form, and our staff will be in contact with you for next steps.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to volunteering, please call the office, 519-667-0322 to speak with us.

To Volunteer Your Group

Please call the office, 519-667-0322 or come in during office hours to discuss what you have in mind. We welcome your contact, however, the calendar for groups fills up months in advance and while opportunities to fill in at short notice do occur, you may be disappointed if you expect a time within a few days. Also, volunteers for Christmas fill the available spots early in the fall.